Check out Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation

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Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation




When Sonico wakes up every morning she sees big things on the horizon, but when she gets up gravity takes hold and she can focus on what is directly ahead of her for the day. And that is a good thing, because Sonico is more than just an attractive girl with a really huge set of... er... headphones. She is also an incredibly busy young woman who somehow juggles modelling and working at her grandmother's bar while attending college and performing lead vocals and playing the guitar in the all-girl band Fastest Speed in Space. How she manages to squeeze it all in is as big a mystery as how she manages to squeeze into some of her outfits or paint her toenails without falling over, but somehow she always stays balanced and abreast of the situation. Well, most of the time, anyway, and when her workload does get a little top heavy, she can count on her fellow musicians Suzu and Fuuri for a little stabilizing influence.

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Check out Wizard Barristers

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Wizard Barristers

ウィザード・バリスターズ 弁魔士セシル, Wiz...



In 2018, humans and wizards live together in Tokyo. Police continue to protect order in society, but wizards are tried according to magical law, in special courts defended by wizard barristers. At age seventeen, Cecil has just become the youngest wizard barrister, and begins work at the Butterfly Law Offices. While she has not realized it yet, she has tremendous magical potential.

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Check out High School DxD Born

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High School DxD Born

ハイスクールDxD BorN



Hyoudou Issei has recurring dreams of the deceitful actions of his first girlfriend, Raynare the fallen angel, that cause him to question the girls around him. After another hectic morning, he discovers that the Hyoudou residence has been rebuilt as a three-story mansion including an training ground, bath and swimming pool. Summer vacation is coming up, and the Occult Research Club members are going on a trip to the underworld. They enter by means of a protected train route.

A surprise attack planned by Azazel helps determine what sort of training each member needs. And the next day, Azazel has them each start on their 20-day training session. Issei trains with Tannin, a reincarnated former Dragon King. After finishing the training, Issei is still unable to activate his Balance Breaker, so Azazel suggests the need for a catalyst for the activation...

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